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Buses Won't Stop At Transbay Terminal Center Until Summer

Salesforce Transit Center while under construction in January 2017

The first buses at Salesforce Transit Center, formerly Transbay Transit Center, will not roll into the large bus station until as late as June. Delays related to wiring the massive structure have pushed the station’s opening back from spring to early summer, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Officials originally aimed to finish construction by Christmas. The building is now expected to be completed by March.

AC Transit will need a few months after the station is completed to train drivers on new double-decker buses and how to navigate through the building and up and down ramps leading to and from the Bay Bridge.

The transit center includes a shell of a station for a high-speed rail terminus from Los Angeles and an electrified Caltrain, but funding to lay tracks has been a highly contentious issue. The center also will include about 100K SF of retail and a 5.4-acre rooftop park.