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Prioritizing The Environment Drew This Project Manager To Stok


Stok project manager Nan Reed was drawn to the sustainable building consulting firm because of common principles. “Their values are more in line with my values,” the Boston native tells Bisnow.

“They’re trying to bring sustainability and wellness more to the forefront of real estate decisions. Some businesses may treat these things as an afterthought, if they worry about them at all.” 

Nan grew up in New England where "you never threw anything away."

She tells Bisnow that way of life has been ingrained in her. "You must strive to reduce, recycle and reuse. I don’t think of the environment as something you extract from. I think of the environment as something that you foster," she says.

Nan originally moved to San Francisco to help establish a West Coast office for a Boston-based architectural firm. Over the coming years, she spent time at Cole PM as well as Cushman & Wakefield, where for more than four years she worked on's downtown campus. In these roles she spent time on both design and project management. 

Nan says on stoks’ team, sustainability and wellness are part of the project delivery process from Day 1 and this is what differentiates stok from other real estate services firms.

She believes stok is setting an example and clients have proven that prioritizing sustainability enhances profitability. It also provides better places to live, work and play. 

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