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Shaming Bad Buildings

San Francisco

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Shaming Bad Buildings


WegoWise CEO Andrew Chen can tell you "some pretty cool stuff" about your building's energy use. It would've been handy on April 1--the deadline for non-residential buildings 10k SF and up in San Francisco to begin submitting annual gas and electricity benchmark reports, including tenant spaces. The Internet company ("Wego" stands for water, electric, oil, and gas) automatically collects utility info and marries it to a building's characteristics--how old, large, and what type of buildingsystems it has--to see how it compares with similar properties in the submarket.

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Owners also are keeping an eye on the state-wide AB21103, which requires energy disclosure on the sale of a commercial building, or the lease or financing of an entire building, starting July 1 with buildings greater than 50k SF. "We're getting to a point where essentially any commercial building of any significant size now requires this disclosure." The tenant equation is the most difficult piece, but Andrew cites new leasing instruments that split the landlord/tenant costs and savings from energy improvements. By coordinating their differing financial motivations, you can have "a more efficient building but also more efficient tenants."

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