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It's Hammer Time at Google

San Francisco

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It's Hammer  Time at Google
Not many company names become verbs in the everyday vernacular. (Tell your friends you Colgate yourself and see what happens.) To find out one of them, just google Google. As director of real estate and workplace services, John Igoe is responsible for all real estate(including design and construction) for Google’s NorCal Region.
It's Hammer  Time at Google
John told us Monday that these include major projects like NASA Bayview and Charleston East, currently in the design phase in Google’s hometown of Mountain View. (The company has more than 70 offices in over 40 countries.) It's famous for its fun, innovative workplaces, though John says, “We design space to meet the needs of our creative workforce, not to win design awards.” So far, it hasn’t developed any facilities from the ground up in NorCal, and most of the spaces it leases aren’t turnkey ready. To google-ize them, “We use the standard TI process, but we try to be as creative as possible in creating a healthy, productive, and collaborative work environment for employees.” John has been married 46 years—he and Peggy have 10 grandkids.
It's Hammer  Time at Google
John was a panelist at Bisnow’s San Francisco Construction & Development Summit yesterday. 400 joined us at the Intercontinental Hotel where explosive growth of tech companies in the region made for non-stop discussion.