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What You Don’t Know About Lori Ann Stevens

San Diego

Title: Turner Construction Co construction exec/manager of business development, San Diego.

Memorable Project: Connections Housing, a homeless and low-income housing shelter in a historic (and mythically haunted) building in Downtown San Diego. 

Hometown(s): Reading, Pa., Chattanooga, Palm Beach, Phoenix – I moved a lot!

Current Home: Del Sur, San Diego.

School: Undergrad, Arizona State University (Go Devils!), Graduate, San Diego State University.

First job: Unofficially, scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. Officially, field engineer in an occupied prison.

Person (living or dead) to Meet: Marilyn Monroe.

Favorite Music: ’80s alternative rock.

Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged.

Favorite Trip: Any trip to Cabo San Lucas that includes golf (see above), deep sea fishing, lobster tacos and tequila.

Favorite Food: Mexican or sushi.

Family Facts: I speak to my mom every single day and I live with a weimaraner named Coco Chanel, a half-moon Conure named Stanley, and an African Tortoise named Charlie.

Startling Fact: I am a personal stylist and closet organizer during my non-working hours.