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Montgomery Park Now Crowned With 1MW Solar Panels

The solar panels on the roof of the Montgomery Park office building

Bill Naito Co. now has one of the largest private rooftop solar installations in the Portland area at its Montgomery Park property. The panels are able to generate a bit more than 1 megawatt annually. About 40% of the panels are on the 577K SF Montgomery Park office building, with the balance on a nearby parking structure and two other buildings, the Portland Business Journal reports.

The 3,068 335-watt panels were installed by Portland-based Imagine Energy. The energy company said the project was completed “after four protracted historic reviews; six crane lifts, including a 300-ton crane mobilization to set the 150-foot trusses; a major electrical service upgrade; and the many other complications that attend any project of this scale and complexity.”

The installation is among the largest in Portland. Other major rooftop solar systems include the 2.4-megawatt ProLogis 7 warehouse project; the Oregon Convention Center's two-megawatt system; and the Portland Habilitation Center, which sports an 858-kilowatt array.