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Digital Marketing Agency HQ Will Be In Field Office Development

Adpearance, a digital marketing agency founded in Portland in 2009, recently inked a deal to move its HQ to Field Office when the new office project opens in the Frontside District in early 2018. The agency will occupy 30K SF in Field Office’s west building.

Field Office as of October

When it opens, Field Office will also be home to The Children’s Garden, a locally owned early childhood learning center. About 10K SF on the ground floor of the west building will be the learning center's second location.

“Adpearance and The Children’s Garden are exactly the type of tenants we envisioned moving into Field Office when we were developing the concept for the development,” project^ partner Jonathan Ledesma said. 

“Field Office was conceived for companies and their employees that share an affinity for the outdoors and a culture of creativity."

Rendering of Field Office upon completion

Field Office will include two buildings with about 300K SF of office and retail space, making it one of the state’s largest entrepreneurial real estate investments in the past decade.

The project is designed as creative space, but it also takes the idea of indoor-outdoor integration seriously. Its ground-floor gardens and pavilions and other features integrate the landscape into the buildings and bring workspaces outdoors.

"Field Office stood out because we could feel that the building was collaborative and innovative in ways we hadn't seen in other spaces, such as the way the outside bleeds into the building to the sunken common area that opens to the outside," Adpearance co-founder David Steinberg said.

"The open spaces and skillful integration of natural elements make Field Office a complement to our discovery-based style of early childhood education," The Children's Garden Executive Director Tessa Stephenson said.