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Creating An Active Senior Living Experience: Senior Resource Group At Bisnow’s Scottsdale Event On Nov. 30


Phoenix is taking proactive steps to strengthen continuing care communities by building more facilities to meet lifestyle and wellness demands of the growing senior demographic. With more than 9M SF built and $1B invested in this sector, this sizable growth in the Phoenix metro area is helping seniors live a more active lifestyle with purposeful amenities. 

Senior Resource Group, or SRG, a developer and operator of senior living facilities throughout the U.S., is growing its footprint in the Phoenix metro area, specifically Scottsdale, by helping to create more amenitized spaces for the elderly population. 

“Gone are the days when senior living was an isolated experience,” said Daniel Perez, SRG vice president of real estate construction and development. “We have to think about how to develop amenitized projects for the senior population that integrate cultural, social and environmental elements that cater to their lifestyle.” 

Perez will speak at Bisnow’s Future of Scottsdale event on Nov. 30 at the Hilton Scottsdale Region. Register here. He will be joined by other speakers on a panel titled Building for Scottsdale Residents Present and Future.

Bisnow spoke with Perez about trends in Scottsdale’s multifamily sector that impact the aging population, how Senior Resource Group keeps up with the development pace and how the company will continue to evolve to create more purpose-driven living in multifamily communities.

Bisnow: What trends are you seeing in Scottdale’s multifamily sector?

Perez: There's a significant need for more efficient residential and multifamily projects for senior living in Arizona as a whole. The baby boomer generation is at the retirement phase, and they want to have facilities and amenities to live a more active life without having to maintain a property. They want to simplify their lives with more affordable and quality options in food, technology, entertainment and fitness. This is something that's continuing to trend with more migration to the Phoenix metro area. 

Bisnow: What inspired you to attend Bisnow’s Future of Scottsdale event?

Perez: I’ve been a Scottsdale resident for 32 years. Scottsdale isn't just a place for business, but it's a home for me and my family. I've been active in development in Scottsdale from the corporate, commercial and residential side for over 20 years. 

I think attending Bisnow events helps showcase what people are bringing to the table when it comes to real estate development in Arizona. I'm excited to be on the forum to showcase what the future may bring and how Senior Resource Group can continue to be a part of Scottsdale’s evolution. 

We are expanding to more than 188 independent units, 60 assisted living units and 88 accessory dwelling units for our projects. 

Bisnow: How is Senior Resource Group keeping up with the continuing in-migration to the Phoenix metro area? 

Perez: Being in the business for more than three decades, I've seen the development and construction and architectural and engineering design industries evolve. There's a lot of innovation going on in Arizona because of the need for multifamily, built-to-rent and high-rises. 

We are being more expeditious with our projects due to the high demand for developments, which requires clever thinking and creativity while staying within budget constraints and tight schedules. I continue to be on the front line for our construction and development team to keep up with this pace. 

This is especially true for senior living, where the end user has a different set of needs compared to the young professional. We have to consider a unique approach to the programming and the design overlays to give them the amenities they need. In this case, we have to create developments that are more efficient for the more mature population's lifestyle. 

Senior Resource Group has continued to push the envelope to create projects that meet our seniors’ highest expectations. We're dedicated to finding what their needs are in working from home, nutrition and fitness. We also integrate more natural light for our facilities, smart technology and sustainable construction with custom settings to protect residents from the dry and hot climate.

We have a program called Memory Care that helps prioritize the well-being of our residents to encourage independence in a safe and comfortable environment. We want to create an all-inclusive package that makes medicine, food and other priorities easily accessible to help seniors adjust and live more fruitful lives while retaining their independence, something that wasn't available 20 to 30 years ago. 

Bisnow: Can you describe your role at Senior Resource Group and your approach to building? 

Perez: In my role as vice president of real estate development and construction, I’m leading our company's expansion and projection, working with our team and partners on new buildings and facilities. I’m steadfast in every step of the process, including planning, conceiving, designing, operating and maintaining the buildings we construct. 

We have properties that are up to 25 to 35 years old. I'm responsible for the maintenance and operations division, where I'm able to make our projects more sustainable, efficient and conducive not only for upkeep purposes but to help create a better life for everyone. 

Bisnow: What do you see for the future of wellness and purpose-driven living in multifamily communities? How will Senior Resource Group continue to be a part of its evolution? 

Perez: I see this sector expanding all across the United States.

SRG will continue to satisfy its customers' needs for all parties involved. We constantly research and execute innovative ways of approaching this particular type of residential construction to help fill in the gaps, especially when it comes to catering to different regions and cities. 

It's not only about our growth but being a catalyst in partnering with other developers in these senior living communities that can help satisfy this demographic. We will continue to grow, move and search for the best lifestyle and climate conditions not only for the baby boomer generation but other generations to come.

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