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Canadian Snowbirds Have Outsized Impact On Arizona Residential Market


According to data compiled by the Canada Arizona Business Council, a nonprofit whose purpose is to increase bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Arizona, there are about 100,000 single-family houses and condos in Arizona owned or rented by Canadians. 

These long-term "residential tourists" stay for an average of four months, spending about $3,500 each month in Arizona, or $14K per stay, the organization calculated. In the aggregate, that is $1.4B pumped into the state's economy, going for such diverse things as utilities, entertainment, retail goods and food.

CABC founder and CEO Glenn Williamson said roughly 92% to 94% of international owners of residential property in Arizona are Canadians. They tend to cluster in such places as Scottsdale, Desert Mountain and Apache Junction.

“At a time when NAFTA has received increased scrutiny, it’s important to highlight benefits our state enjoys as an attractive destination for Canadian visitors,” Williamson said.