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Comcast Expands Into Two Logan Square

Comcast Expands Into Two Logan Square

Comcast's expansion in Philadelphia continues with its lease of four floors of office space at Two Logan Square.

As Comcast continues to grow in Philadelphia, it also continues to outgrow its home. Unable to wait until 2018 for the Comcast Innovation & Technology Center (CITC) to be finished, the cable company has leased about 81k SF of office space at Two Logan Square from Brandywine Realty Trust. The space is considered temporary, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Comcast Center, the company's corporate HQ, has proven to be insufficient for its growth in technology outside of the cable industry, which is still its bread and butter. According to the PBJ, this will contribute to the 100k-plus square its Comcast already leases from Brandywine outside of its HQ, including at neighboring Three Logan Square.

The scheduled opening of CITC is still two years away, and Comcast has reportedly committed to every inch of office space in the new skyscraper. At the rate it's expanding, one wonders if even that will be enough, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Comcast snap up more office space just to tide it over until 2018. [PBJ]