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Logan Square Neighborhood To Rezone For Preservation


Philadelphia's Logan Square neighborhood is on its way to a large, comprehensive rezoning meant to lock in the progress that has been made in the area over the last couple of decades.

Introduced by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, a remapping bill is anticipated to pass through the city council without too much argument in the next few months, according to PlanPhilly. The bill is meant to correct inconsistencies left by some recent development, as well as preserve the 100 block of Mole Street, comprised of historic rowhouses surrounded by industrial uses.

The remapping bill is also set to remove many I-2 industrial uses from the area, as has been the trend in much of Center City. Broad Street, which serves as Logan Square's east border, will receive the densest possible zoning.

The remapping leaves out certain key parcels, like the one adjacent to the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, to be individually zoned so that the neighborhood can have more direct input on potential large developments there. [PP]