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Anti-Gentrification Vandals Cause $100K Of Damages In North Philadelphia

A row of new homes in Old Kensington targeted by anti-gentrification vandalism

A row of new construction houses in the neighborhood of Old Kensington was vandalized on Monday night by an anarchist group protesting gentrification.

A three-block radius of homes centered around the intersection of North Second and Jefferson streets was targeted by a group of around 40 people associating themselves with Summer of Rage. The small horde smashed car and house windows, threw Christmas ornaments filled with paint and spray-painted "Leave" on walls, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

A banner was also left at the scene that read, "Gentrification is death. Revolt is Life."

It left no mistake as to the group's intentions. Residents quickly responded to the ruckus, disrupting and filming the vandals and surrounding two, who were then arrested by police. The group caused an estimated $100K in damage, and the apprehended suspects have been charged with risking and causing a catastrophe, as well as criminal mischief and related charges.