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Carl Dranoff: I Want To 'Build The Tallest Building In Philadelphia'


Dranoff Properties CEO Carl Dranoff has already made a major impact on the development scene in Philadelphia, but he has a loftier goal in mind than just making an impact.

"I would like to build the tallest building in Philadelphia but because that will probably be an office building, I am now focused on building the tallest residential structure," Carl told the Philadelphia Business Journal.

His latest project, a 22-floor multifamily high-rise in Fitler Square called One Riverside, is nearing completion. The tallest residential building in Philadelphia right now is the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton, at 48 floors and 518 feet high.

Carl also called starting his own company at 26 years old both the dumbest and smartest decisions of his life, but credits it for teaching him "an important lesson—a liquidity 'cushion' is critical in riding out the ups and downs of our housing cycles." [PBJ

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