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No More Room In Center City?

No More Room In Center City?
Retail momentum has been building in Center City, and now there isn't enough space for every retailer that wants to be there, Metro Commercial prez Steve Gartner tells us.
No More Room In Center City?
Most national retailers are still gravitating to the five blocks from Broad Street to Rittenhouse Square, and out of about 80 storefronts, only a handful are vacant, Steve says. Retailers are now looking at Chestnut Street with more seriousness, and even Market Street West.(From experience, we suggest not opening with, "you're our third choice... will you marry me?") With the addition of several new construction projects, mostly residential, there are large chunks of modern, high-ceiling spaces with adequate loading, but the question is whether retailers will give up their fondness for certain parts of Center City for these close-by new spaces.
WASHINGTON DC 02.23.2017


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