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VTS Market Intelligence Now Includes CompStak Data


VTS users will now be able to view live CompStak data alongside their own leasing data at no additional cost and without a CompStak subscription. The two partnered to provide landlords and brokers with this powerful tool that increases profitability by enabling smarter decisions through trackable, crowdsourced comp data and TIMs analysis.

This feature will allow users to better comprehend competitive leasing data around base rents, NERs, TI and more. Users of VTS already have access to more than 5 million companies' public information, including total revenue, net income and employee head count through VTS's partnership with S&P Capital IQ.

"The CompStak partnership is a valuable addition to our existing offering," VTS chief product officer Korel Oktar says. "Together, we're proving how data transparency and access improves the ability to make the most important business decisions."

Through this new partnership, VTS users can compare how their buildings are performing against a competitive set of buildings, providing insights that let landlords and brokers negotiate deals more effectively. This function is unidirectional, meaning no VTS customer data will be shared back to CompStak.

The announcement comes on the heels of the release of VTS Connect, which can integrate data from any software platform, like the accounting and ERP systems they use daily, directly into VTS. Along with CompStak data, users can view current valuations, underwriting, annual reforecast budget data from Argus, and key rent roll information all in VTS.

“We want to give our users the ability to manage all of their day-to-day operations from one platform, saving them the hassle and confusion that comes from having to check multiple systems throughout the day,” says chief data officer Rick Ferrino.

The CompStak partnership brings VTS closer to that goal, by putting all users' leasing and market intelligence data on one screen. The addition also boosts efficiency by giving users real-time access to thousands of industry comps to aid in market analysis.

To view the CompStak data on the VTS platform and learn more about our Bisnow partner, click here.