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RDM: Client Tested, Client Approved


Efficiency in commercial real estate is like that princess in Super Mario. Finding it is crucial to success, but it can be very hard to locate.

RDM helps property owners and managers retrieve and manage information in a quick and organized way. “We’ve been a longtime client so we were using RDM before they were web-based,” Feil Org VP of leasing Brian Feil tells Bisnow.

“With their online solutions combined with their building measurement solutions, this is an incredible platform that supports all our buildings.”

Using RDM’s software RealAccess, which is linked to his accounting system, Brian says he has his portfolio’s building data and stack plans in front of him as soon as he logs in.

The quick, digital access “definitely makes life easier,” says Brian, who mentioned he walked the floor of this year’s ICSC convention in Las Vegas equipped with all the crucial information on his properties at his fingertips.

RXR Realty building manager Nicholas Mather agrees, saying his more than five years of using RDM’s product has been a seamless experience. “One of the big selling points for me is just being able to hop online and share floor plans and determine square footage and where we stand at the click of a button,” Nick tells Bisnow.

“If I need to point out things to a tenant or a vendor that is standing here with me, I can just pull it up.” Over time and with other companies, Nick has moved from primarily using RDM to retrieve leases and plan books to also using it for updates on fire safety systems and emergency actions in the buildings under his watch.

Nick says this level of digital convenience allows him to avoid slowdowns that would disturb tenants. Happy tenants mean happy property owners/managers.