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Intuitive, Powerful Technology Is Changing This Sector of Real Estate


It’s no secret that commercial real estate is changing. A rapidly evolving investment landscape is bringing new complexities to a highly competitive leasing market.

Industry consolidation has resulted in massive, diversified real estate portfolios that span geographies, product types and investment strategies.

All this means that data is more important than ever. It’s crucial that CRE professionals be able to make informed decisions based on up-to-date insight and analysis. The problem is that collecting, organizing, and understanding that data is incredibly time-consuming and difficult today.  

“The industry’s antiquated tools and systems are buckling in the face of these new challenges,” says Hightower CEO and co-founder Brandon Weber. “The result is wasted time, lost opportunities, and increased portfolio risk."

The tech startup's leasing and asset management software provides the solution. The web and mobile app integrates all existing data sources and systems to act as a command center for the user’s leasing and asset management operations.

It gives CRE professionals real-time visibility into the performance of their properties, enabling them to realize better returns, with tools like dynamic stacking plans, live encumbrance tracking, full tenant visibility, deal approval workflows, customized analytics and more.

Brandon tells Bisnow that the end-to-end leasing workflow, world-class customer support, and beautiful interface attracts executive leaders and brokers alike.

"Executive leaders use Hightower for real-time leasing analytics and visibility into the performance of their real estate portfolios,” he says, citing the app's intuitive interface and powerful capabilities.

"Leasing and asset management teams use Hightower's mobile apps to collaborate in real-time, streamline deal tracking and analysis, and ultimately speed up the deal making.”

To check out a video demonstration of the app, click here. To learn more about this Bisnow content partner, click here

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