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VIDEO: AR Pandora Shows The Future Of Interior Design And Development With New App

When designing any space, interior designers can find it difficult to truly communicate their vision to clients, even with sketches and renderings. After all, these show the rooms from certain angles, but can’t really give the full experience of what that design will look like.

But Decorilla is taking steps to solve this problem. Using fully explorable 3D models (created by Bisnow partner AR Pandora), Decorilla is giving its clients the ability to “walk” inside the project—even if it doesn’t exist yet—all the while cutting costs and offering better prices. The technology can be used by developers to present their staged units.

The online platform can be accessed from any mobile device and has three viewing options. In “3D model,” clients can view the design from a bird’s-eye view, giving—as AR Pandora VR and AR analyst Alper Guler puts it—a “total understanding of the model itself.” The 360 View allows clients and designers to walk around, using their mobile device as a window to the fully furnished space.

Finally, VRwhich we have discussed before—allows clients to use Google Cardboard to fully immerse themselves in a first-person perspective of the space. The model can even be printed out into 2D renderings for more traditional clients.

But how does this all work? Alper explains that the Pandora team creates a 360 rendering of the space—which can cover one or multiple rooms—that works from any angle. And with Google Cardboard (below) and the motion control of mobile devices, clients can walk through and interact with their future home.


“With all the other solutions that Pandora can provide,” he tells Bisnow, “this new feature will create a greater understanding of a project’s interiors. I think both developers and brokers can get a real benefit from it, as they can show an unfinished or unfurnished space with a bit more life to it and help make a sale.”

But what about designers? We sat down with interior designer and Decorilla co-founder Joyce Elizabeth to see what made Pandora’s platform stand out from the competition. Not only was the platform polished, responsive and easy to use, Joyce tells us, it was also able “to incorporate our branding and website styling at every level of the app."

In addition, she says, these models help tackle some of the biggest problems that come with design. Not only can a virtual walk-through help “catch any mistakes before they happen,” it also allows Joyce and her team to interact with international clients looking to invest in real estate.

“They could soon be wearing headsets and touring upcoming condo developments,” she says. “They could also interior design them from afar. The ability to ‘step foot’ into a home from across the world will allow both local and international buyers to have a more informed experience, and feel more confident about their purchase decision.”

Joyce says customer—and designer—response to the new program has been “exceptionally high,” making her all the more confident that a focus on technology is helping Decorilla get a competitive edge in the industry.

If you'd like to download the app and see for yourself, click here.

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