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Is Building Intelligence Part Of Your Brand?


Properties don’t manage themselves. However, a sizable portion of the globe’s leading landlords, including Vornado, JP Morgan, CBRE and more are utilizing Electronic Tenant Solutions to advance tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention.

ETS software, which is deployed in over half a billion SF of commercial real estate, offers property owners a menu of solutions such as a panoramic view of the health of the property from multiple perspectives.


The technology can be rolling within hours of purchase and can be viewed via a wide array of digital options such as mobile, desktop, email and text/SMS. The multiple platforms streamlines communication between property managers/owners and tenants so that issues and requests can be addressed quickly.

Joining the all-star roster that is ETS’s client list positions landlords and managers to establish their portfolios as BOMA 360 eligible properties that are run efficiently without infrastructure costs or IT requirements for the software’s installation.



Aside from the practical improvements that ETS brings to logistical operations, property owners that employ such an efficient technological tool demonstrate to their current and future tenants that their brand is both forward-thinking and eager to meet the needs and wants of those who rent from them.