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Architectural Models on the Go: AR Pandora’s Interactive Architectural Models


For many new developments, developers start selling as soon they have a sales office and an architectural model. But in our increasingly digital world, these physical models can be more of a curse than a blessing for brokers on the go. They’re expensive, take forever to build, are hard to transport and rarely give your client a complete picture of what they can expect from your property, especially since you can’t modify them.  

Wouldn’t you like to have something that can provide all that information and more in your pocket? Well, that’s just what AR Pandora provides. With their Pandora ARchitecture program, you’ll have the next generation of architectural presentations using only your mobile device or tablet.


The ARchitecture program uses augmented reality technology, allowing you to present your development on a regular piece of paper using any mobile device. Using the buttons on your screen, you’ll not only be able to switch between interior and exterior views, different floors and amenity areas, but you’ll also be able to zoom, see your projects at day and night, and move around or change colors of objects on the property. This can be super helpful for those clients that get caught up on tiny, easily changeable things, such as the color of the walls.

“When looking at the physical model, customers often ask where the unit they are interested in is and the floor plan of that unit,” AR Pandora entrepreneur Alper Guler says. “The only option for sales associates is to use their hands to show the location, and they have to search through papers to show the floor plan. With AR, we can use only a couple buttons to show the unit, floor plan and even the view from the windows."


Pandora’s program can also be used to create videos, images and catalogs that can be accessed via the Pandora app or used in your direct marketing. Customers and potential tenants across the country can download the Pandora app and scan advertisements in physical magazines and newspapers and see the 3D model.

The program also works with Pandora’s other products, including their 3D Furniture Spec Sheets (which allows you to design and furnish empty rooms to help give your client a better view of a room) and their VR/AR integration. So not only will you be able to use a mobile device to show your property, but, using the Oculus Rift, your client will be able to walk through your property, making changes as they go.

So why should you use Pandora? If the simplicity, mobility, and high level of detail and user interactions doesn’t catch your fancy, the fact that Pandora can help you create your 3D model should. All they’ll need is a 3D drawing for your model, and your presentation should be ready within two to five working days. They can even draw the 3D model for you, as well as render images and videos for your website. And, of course, it goes without saying that the models have unparalleled graphic quality and are user-friendly. 

In this intensely competitive world, you’ll need to do anything you can to get an edge on the hundreds of other brokers and buildings looking for top tenants. Pandora ARchitecture can be the thing you need to close a sale. You’ll clients will feel like they’ve already explored your property even if it’s years until it’s completed.