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7 VR and AR Commercial Real Estate Companies That Will Show You The Future


The Oculus Rift has caused an explosion of other VR headsets and countless VR and AR technologies. In fact, an entire industry has formed, and commercial real estate now has its own crop of companies using the tech for showing off properties and upcoming developments. Here are seven that you should have your eye on.


HQ: New York and Istanbul 

Founders: Kemal Akçalı, Caner Soyer and Alper Guler

Partners and Clients: West Orion Group, Mamaris Yapi, Palmiye Park

What They Do: AR Pandora's four different products use both VR and AR. Their main product is their ARchitecture platform, which creates a portable, interactive AR model of a property that can be inspected on different floors and at different times of the day. The models can also interact with a VR headset and Microsoft Kinect (allowing you or your client to virtually walk around a space and change the colors and positions of furniture with the flick of a finger), and they can be implemented with your physical or online marketing, creating clean and beautiful ads and videos for your websites or brochures. The company has a similar platform specifically for furniture, allowing you to see how a couch or table will fit in a room. Again, the colors and materials can be easily modified with only a few taps on your mobile device. AR Pandora is confident it can eliminate all need for expensive physical models and make your sales pitch infinitely more effective. To learn more about our Bisnow partner, click here. Click here to read the rest of the story.