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The Broker Who Can Help Start a Restaurant

New York Retail

Suzuki Capital brokerage director Colby Swartz tells us his company is a mix of Main Street and Wall Street. It builds condos, retail, residential, and hotels and buys and sells bars, restaurants, bakeries, and food and beverage franchises. Advisory and brokerage for franchises and hospitality hopefuls are Colby’s specialties, particularly for foreign nationals wanting to open their first US flagships. This is no easy feat: Acquiring financing and property are heartbreaking challenges for non-naturalized citizens, he says. Projects on Colby’s plate include a Williamsburg brewery, a 68-suite hotel on West 24th Street, and the Shout Karaoke chain, whose 13th location is about to open in West Palm Beach. (Now, that’s something to sing about.) For more information on our sponsor, click here.