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Airbnb Fighting Back Against Lawmakers

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Airbnb is fighting back against New York lawmakers who want to impose $7,500 fines on tenants who advertise illegal rentals on the site.

The home rental giant sent a letter to Linda Rosenthal, a sponsor of the fines bill in the New York State Assemby, saying the fines “could lead to bankruptcies, evictions and foreclosures of New York families struggling to make ends meet.” Rosenthal responded, calling the letter “almost laughable" and "tragic."

The fines would be steep—other real estate fines are much less: Landlords who don’t keep the heat on get slapped on the wrist with just $500 a day.

The legislative struggle comes on the heels of the news about Airbnb's talks with three multifamily giants about putting their pads up on its site. [TRD]