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How Crowdfunding Is Like the Oregon Trail

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Crowdfunding is a land rush, says Flaster/Greenberg’s Mark Roderick, and real estate is the No. 1 destination for this democratic form of fundraising. The JOBS Act created an investment frontier that's only recently begun to be regulated. Companies can raise unlimited funds online, for example, as long as the investments come from accredited investors—those making $200k/year or with a net worth of $1M. Other aspects of the regulations allow for unaccredited investors. (Just remember to visit the store before starting your journey, and don’t waste your bullets shooting more buffalo than you can carry in your wagon.)


We also snapped iFunding CEO William Skelley (left) and The Mavrix Group president Erin Wicomb. iFunding has raised more than $25M from 4,000 investors in the past 12 months, funding one $75,000 project in just five minutes. The longest raise took 21 days. Mark, William, and Alex were among the panelists at a recent Harvard alumni event at The Conference Center.