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Top 7 Modern Office Trends

    180 Maiden Intro Pic

    Ahead-of-the-curve developers and landlords are radically re-crafting their playbooks in building modern office spaces to entice forward-thinking tenants. Take a tour with us as we explore the trends that will define workspaces of the future.


    180 Maiden Lobby

    The people have spoken: the minimalist marble lobbies that dominated New York’s premier office buildings are now boring and sterile. The cold, stark designs are out of step with the new economy.

    Unique spaces that impart a friendlier, more welcoming aura are now en vogue. Endless white marble lobbies have been replaced with more natural design elements, including warm wood, greenery and other organic elements. And natural light is a huge bonus.

    The bottom line: make it inviting and make it interesting. Case in point: the new atrium lawn at 180 Maiden Lane: metal, wood and a full green lawn.

    Smart Design

    180 Maiden Lane Design

    The best offices effortlessly blend unexpected elements to create one-of-a-kind environments. Post-modern architecture and technology integrate seamlessly with more contrasting materials and objects that enliven the space.

    Flexible Space

    180 Maiden Conference Flex

    In a traditional office, large, isolated conference rooms that can accommodate entire teams are often left vacant, an inefficient waste of space.

    Flexible space activation in modern offices repurposes open areas for meeting rooms, breakout space or public collaboration, rather than restrictive private use. It’s putting the fun back into functional.

    The center core plates at 180 Maiden Lane are a good example: unobtrusive columns and 360 degrees of windows create a more open workspace.

    Rotating Art

    Rotating Art 180 Maiden

    Rotating art galleries and installations refresh the workplace. New exhibits featured on a biweekly or monthly basis give employees something to look forward to, and ameliorate office tedium.


    180 Maiden Light Updated

    Abundant natural light provided by floor-to-ceiling windows lifts mood, increases workers’ sense of well-being, and even helps regulate their melatonin production and sleep, making them more productive.

    Work/Life Balance

    180 Maiden work life updated

    It seems natural that as work-oriented technology pervades personal time, aspects of home life enter the office and surrounding area.

    As the work day shifts from a 9-to-5 routine to more of a 5-to-9 gig, firms have infused offices with more casual and homey additions. If you’re going to be wired into work 24/7, why not have an Xbox at the office?


    180 Maiden Gym

    On-site amenities, like fitness facilities, were previously neglected in building capital plans for being costly, space-consuming and potentially distracting.

    But as New Yorkers certainly know, time is money and convenience is king. Companies reimagining their digs realize that they can simplify employees’ daily routines, mitigate prolonged work schedules and encourage positive productivity boosts.

    The amenity package at 180 Maiden Lane is one of the most comprehensive in NYC, with morning-to-night conveniences from food service to fitness. 

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