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This Company Radically Reimagines The Office With 'Space As A Service'


Today’s workforce, especially the increasingly prominent millennial faction, is prioritizing the quality of their workplace along with traditional benefits and pay. The rise of co-working and other office alternatives has left the traditional office seeming less desirable, with some calling for businesses to abandon it entirely. One company combats office bashing by instead celebrating the office with its “Space as a Service” platform, which is specifically designed to attract, retain and inspire people, talent and tenants. 

The Better Spaces platform is a tool for any office seeking to integrate campus-style amenities and technologies to match the specific building’s occupant profile. The result is a collaborative, creative and inspirational brand that redefines a property as a sustainable ecosystem of tenants, rather than a typical building stacked with distinct entities renting space under one roof.


“By using the scale of a building or portfolio, anything becomes possible,” Better Spaces chief Adin Meir said. "Mobile technology and unique pop-up events connect buildings into one campus."

Scale allows Better Spaces to revitalize the office cost-effectively. Simple and easy to use technology solutions alleviate the headaches associated with having to learn and use multiple systems and services. Better Spaces consolidates the most desired functionalities into one platform that owners and tenants can customize to deliver the ultimate curated experience.

“We have perfected the art of the pop-up program, which activates any area in a building,” Meir said. “Each building occupant can also access curated programs and amenities via the Better Spaces app, including wellness programs like meditation and yoga. The app also communicates simplified building science metrics such as energy use, delivering messages designed to help users understand how the office space becomes a better space.”

Better Spaces app

This tool reinvigorates the office, making it anything but conventional. With it, building owners and tenants feel empowered to rethink the office in a way that boosts productivity and encourages the elusive work-life balance, all while staying consistent with stakeholder priorities. Most importantly, building owners are taking the platform and using it to power their own specific programs, from tenant engagement to sustainability and beyond.

"Optimizing health within the built environment is the next evolution of sustainability,” SL Green Senior Vice President of Operations and Director of Sustainability Elizabeth Majkowski said. “We are excited to explore the Better Spaces platform to expand our wellness amenity offerings and provide our tenants with an unsurpassed professional and personal quality of life.”

Owners and tenants can aspire to the office of the future with a platform that improves communication, reduces water and energy bills and automates a host of functions. Offices must retool core functions and evolve to stay relevant, and leveraging a multipronged approach is the quickest, surest way to achieve this.

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