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Hightower’s Three Platforms for Landlords and Tenants

New York Office

Lots of exciting upgrades at Hightower since its move from Seattle to New York City a scant 18 months ago (in order to be in the center of the commercial real estate industry). CEO and founder Brandon Weber tells us that the company offers three products: Landlord 360 for commercial landlords, Landlord Advisor for agency brokers, and Tenant Advisor for tenant rep brokers (the newest product, launched just a few weeks ago). All three platforms are interconnected so that information can flow freely among different users. Clients include Vornado, Silverstein and Beacon Capital. Brandon started his career as a software engineer (he is partly to thank for MS Excel and Zillow), and he has five years' experience as a leasing broker at CBRE. He started Hightower to reverse the industry’s stunning lack of useful tools. Thanks to Brandon, the technological transformation is in progress. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.