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3 World Trade Center Struck By Crane


A crane at Silverstein Properties’ 45-story 3 World Trade Center struck a glass panel last night.

Around 8:30pm, the crane was bringing a cable back up after lowering materials to the ground, but the pulley system slammed into the curtain wall on 12th floor when pushed by the wind and became lodged in the glass, the New York Daily News reports.

Ironically, the crane was pulling the cables into to prepare for inclement weather.

There were no injuries or fallen debris, and Tishman Construction spokesman John Gallagher has said the panel will be removed this morning and replaced.

Safety inspectors are investigating the site. The Silverstein complex has had several safety incidents in the past, including a 36-year-old worker being crushed by an aerial lift at 1 World Trade Center in June 2003 and a 28-year-old carpenter falling 21 stories at 7 World Trade Center in September 2004. A 2014 Daily News investigation also found 34 other unreported injuries at the site. 

More recently, this February, a crane collapsed in Tribeca and killed one man and injured multiple others. That incident caused Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration to tighten regulations on crane safety on high-rise construction sites.

Currently 45 stories tall, 3 World Trade is expected to be 83 stories when completed in 2018. [NYDN]