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Reaching-Out Holds Annual Backpack Giveaway, Equipping Students For Success

Brooklyn-based nonprofit food pantry Reaching-Out Community Services hosted its annual Big Backpack Giveaway Aug. 26, an event that empowers hundreds of kids from underprivileged families by providing them with back-to-school supplies to promote educational achievement.


The back-to-school shopping expedition is often exciting for kids, serving to motivate and energize them for the year ahead, but it can represent a significant financial burden for lower-income families.

The giveaway presents an opportunity for local sponsors to help with what ultimately lift these children to financial success—education.


“It’s great to help families,” says Reaching-Out executive director Tom Neve. “It’s hard to put food on the table so imagine school supplies.” Tom says the event’s success and survival is dependent on generous aid from sponsors like CPEX, which has a strong local presence and a commitment to philanthropy.

Bags, notebooks, pens, pencils and crayons were given to more than 500 students, and the event was enlivened by the presence of characters from Disney movies.


“It’s really great to give out supplies and see the smile on kids’ faces,” CPEX associate Bryan Hurley tells us.

To learn more about Reaching-Out, click here, and for more on event sponsor CPEX, click here.

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