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9 Reasons Union Square Is the Perfect Place to Work, Eat and Play

The city may be growing colder everyday, but New York's real estate is hotter than ever. Union Square's exploding in particular, with a huge growth in properties, a unique culture all its own and a new generation of tech rising and nestling alongside the historic architecture. Bisnow and Clarion Partners are here to give you nine reasons that you should be looking at Union Square for your next office, apartment or visit.

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1. Easy Access

With almost 85% of subway and bus lines merging on 14th Street and even connections to NJ transit, Union Square is a transit hub to rival Penn Station or Grand Central. This makes it the perfect access point for any meeting with a client or friend, since the route to any point in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and beyond is only a few blocks away. You'd have to try to NOT find your way to the Square.

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