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Upper West Side Tenant Sues Jewish Landlord For Discriminatory Practices

A row of West 79th Street apartment buildings

A tenant in an Upper West Side apartment building has filed suit against her landlord in New York City court, alleging discrimination.

Sharon Kibbee de Lobo lives on the 16th floor of a building on West 79th Street, where she claims that, despite a terrace above her leaking through her ceiling and causing damage, building owner Ennismore Apartments refused to arrange any repairs. Her suit, filed in Manhattan City Court, claims that a property manager told her that the lack of repair was due to her being a non-Jew living in "a Jewish building," the New York Post reports.

The leaks reportedly caused holes in the ceiling, rotted the wood moldings and cabinets, and precipitated a carpet beetle infestation. According to the lawsuit, Ennismore Apartments charged de Lobo for a new dishwasher and stove but did not install them. A salesman from the appliance store in question allegedly told de Lobo that for other tenants, Ennismore did not "give them the runaround."