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This Williamsburg Rental Will Shuttle Residents Itself If The L Train Shuts Down


Douglaston Development, which opened its 1N4 rental tower on the Brooklyn waterfront last year, is already gearing up for service disruptions on the L train, whenever they come and whatever they may look like.  

Douglaston president Steve Charno tells us that, as far as he knows, they are the first landlord that will offer free shuttle service for residents if service on the L is affected when damage from Hurricane Sandy is repaired.

"The MTA really did not do a great job in having a game plan before they said that there was an issue with the L Train,” Steve tells us. “There’s bad information out there, and people aren’t being told whether, when, or how bad it will be if they have to shut it down.” 


So Douglaston’s taking a better safe than sorry approach. The shuttle would take people to and from a station on the second-closest subway station to the development, which serves the J, M and Z lines. The L’s Bedford Avenue station is the closest stop.

Steve says murmurs of a service disruption haven’t yet moved the needle on interest in renting at the property, which Bisnow toured just before it opened last winter, but, he says, “people are talking about it.”