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This Building Will Be Crazier Than Anything Else on Billionaire's Row


Mark Foster Gage Architects has upped the already sky-high ante on Billionaire’s Row with new renderings of a 102-story tower at 41 West 57th St.

It’s a slender, modern supertall like that ones we're getting used to seeing in the area, except that it's got an assortment of Gothic-looking features that seem to grow out of it, like a kind of architectural fungus, as shown in renderings on 6sqft. You really just have to see it to believe it.

Ornamentation like gears and propellers “grow” out of protruding platforms that lead to an observation deck that looks like a kind of Roman temple. The architect, who’s an assistant dean at the Yale School of Architecture, was both a protégé of Robert A.M. Stern and a studio assistant to Frank Gehry.

Mark isn't saying much about the project, but tells 6sqft that the design was commissioned by a developer interested in seeing what could be done on the site. [6sqft]