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Highline Condo Project Will Straddle The Highline


Related Cos has plans for a new condo project along the Highline between 18th and 19th streets, and it looks like it’s going to be four times the size of when the project was originally filed with the city back in September.

The project will actually straddle the elevated park and include retail space underneath it, Crain's reports. The original plans called for a 10-story structure with 63 condos spread out over 108k SF.

A new filing, which has already been approved by the City Planning Commission, calls for the demolition of an existing building to make way for a 22-story residential tower and a grand total of almost 430k SF.

The project will also include a public stairway from the street to the Highline itself.

There’s no firm number yet on the total number of residential units this will have. Related is able to up its FAR for the project in part because it kicked in $5.8M to the Highline Improvement Fund, which helps pay for sprucing up the Highline—now on the short list of the city’s top tourist destinations.

The deal is made possible by a zoning plan called the West Chelsea Arts District. [Crain’s]

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