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New Regs Could Let Developers Cram More Resi Units Into NYC Buildings


The de Blasio administration is pushing for two zoning changes that would allow developers to build more micro units in the city. The specifics are in a citywide proposal called Zoning for Quality and Affordability, which is in a public review process now.

Just 7% of the city’s housing stock is made up of studios, but almost 50% of residents are single folks, according to the Citizens Housing and Planning Council.

As things stand, there’s a cap on the number of units that can be built in any building in the city, depending on the location of the building. The proposal would relax the restriction in areas where buildings are about 12 stories or more. In some cases it could mean up to 15% more units going into some buildings.

The second zoning change would get rid of the requirement that all residential units be 400 SF or bigger.