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Broken Promises: Residents Of Gurevich’s Alexander Sue For Shoddy Work And Missing Amenities


Residents of the Alexander have brought a $67M lawsuit against the building’s developer, Alexander Gurevich, claiming they were promised a “premier luxury caliber” building featuring an Equinox gym, roof decks, marble and bronze elevators, and white-oak flooring, but instead received a 24-story building full of code violations and unfinished work.

The building—which offers two-bedroom apartments for prices up to $1.9M—is filled with cracks and leaks on the roof, balconies and terraces. Several condos have flooded as a result, the lawsuit claims, reports the New York Post.

In addition to loose roof tiles, no emergency signage and cracked glass held together with clear tape, the gym, a cold-storage room and a mailroom were allegedly never built. 

The five-member board of managers filing the suit claims the building’s board didn’t pay the building’s water and sewer bills for more than five years. All of the repairs could cost condo owners $320k over 10 years, with $122k in interest, according to the suit.

In addition to Gurevich—who was barred from real estate sales in 2010 by Andrew Cuomo after failing to disclose the Alexander’s financial information to investors—the defendants includes the building’s manager, Taube Management Realty, and designer, Sydness Architects. [NYP]