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Crane Signals Rise of Central Park Tower

A tower crane has been installed at the Nordstrom Tower site, meaning the supertall now called Central Park Tower will soon begin to rise above street level. Extell Development Co christened the tower with its new name last month. It is oddly named. At 217 W 57th St, it will loom over the iconic green space from a foundation that's two blocks shy of the park perimeter. But when a building rises to 1,775-plus feet, challenging 1 World Trade for skyward-reaching supremacy, does it really matter whether it's a few blocks off the park? The part of the not-yet-supertall that we mere pedestrians can't see, its foundation, is approaching street level, according to pics posted by NY YIMBY. Signs posted around the site Monday revealed that work had temporarily stopped because of the cement workers' strike; that was expected to cause only a minor hiccup in the overall construction schedule. Central Park Tower is slated to deliver in 2018, but at the rate it's going, we can expect it to start making its mark on the NYC skyline within a year. [NYY]