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Mark Jaccom Leaves JRT For Walter & Samuels To Transition From Brokering To Owning

Mark Jaccom

Mark Jaccom is departing JRT Realty Group to expand his horizons from brokerage to ownership.

Jaccom joined JRT in April to lead a four-person brokerage team, including former New York Giants tight end Howard Cross, but just months later is leaving that group behind for a newly created position at Walter & Samuels, the Commercial Observer reports.

Jaccom will be the director of leasing and brokerage, but he told CO that his move was to explore the ownership side of real estate.

“My whole [career] of 40 years I’ve been doing peddling for landlords," Jaccom said. "I want to own property. [Walter & Samuels Chairman] David [Berley] and I will start buying buildings together.”

Jaccom arrived at JRT from Cresa New York, which he left due to frustration with a diminished role after the company's global restructuring. He described his time at JRT as a part-time job that was always meant to be temporary. JRT CEO Jodi Pulice said that if Jaccom wanted to expand beyond brokerage, he was always going to do it somewhere else.

“We don’t do development,” Pulice said. “We can’t invent development.”