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Eminent Domain To Replace The PABT?

New York

Earlier this month, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey kicked off the first phase of a design competition for a new bus station.

The rub is, there’s no way to make any of them work without seizing land that the Port Authority doesn’t yet own. All five of the ideas submitted involve razing private properties near the station, Crain's reports.  

The competition rules say submissions should use Port Authority land where possible, and “minimize the acquisition of private real estate.”

Port Authority New Jersey chairman John Degnan tells Crain’s the bi-state agency will avoid the use of eminent domain if it can, saying he hopes any use of the tactic that may be needed will be “insignificant.”

Last week, a deal was reached to include money for the project, whichever version of it should come to pass, in the agency’s $30B capital plan. The winner of the design competition is slated to be unveiled in early fall of this year. [Crain’s]