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PODCAST: Listen To Bisnow's 'Let's Have A Drink' NYC: Knotel CEO Amol Sarva

Bisnow has a new podcast series, "Let’s Have A Drink," where we sit down with the personalities who shape New York City real estate — the most cutthroat, challenging and thrilling market in the world. Hosted by Bisnow reporter Miriam Hall, we examine the deals, the disappointments and, of course, drinks of choice. You can listen on iTunes and Spotify.

Knotel CEO Amol Sarva

In our fifth episode, we sit down with flexible workspace provider Knotel's co-founder, Amol Sarva, at Gather, a Knotel location in Chelsea.

We talk about creating diversity in top management, building a company from scratch and why Knotel’s focus is on large companies.

“The biggest companies in the world are way bigger today than they were 10 years ago, or 20 years ago — because technology and globalization has been making them bigger,” he said. “So the economy is increasingly concentrated with people working in giant companies. And yet [many coworking companies] are building a business that's designed for the two-person dog walking outfit.”