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How The Goldman Family Redefined Soho, South Beach and Wynwood

New York

A straight shot from the modest entrance to the Wynwood Walls in Miami stands a mural by Shepard Fairey. It’s arguably the signature piece of the open-air shrine to street art, bookended by representations of Andy Warhol, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dalai Lama.


Those historic figures flank a larger central panel depicting the late Tony Goldman in a 10-gallon hat, golden sunbeams radiating in either direction from his torso. 

Goldman’s inclusion in the work will probably bemuse the casual visitors and art lovers who flock to Wynwood Walls. But it will register with anyone who’s part of or knowledgeable about the real estate industry.


Goldman helped define Wynwood—and nearby South Beach and New York’s Soho—as artists, wealthy residents and world-class shopaholics know them today. And Fairey’s tribute to him aligns with the man and his considerable legend: colorful, outsized and, competitors might say, prone toward embellishment. 

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