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Complementing Collaborative Workspaces

New York

Two major trends have become synonymous with "workplace of the future," and Breather, the leading provider of on-demand work and meeting spaces, is positioned at the intersection. Companies are increasingly focused on employees' well-being and productivity while also committed to drastically reducing the square footage dedicated to each employee.


Companies averaged 225 SF/employee in 2010, 150 SF/employee in 2013, and now many projects are under 100 SF/employee—less than half of what they were just six years ago.

This is being accomplished with open-plan offices, which are designed to foster collaboration. However, as anyone who works in an open concept can attest, these environments are not conducive to focused work and meetings.

JLL recently released a report that implicates the inability to find a meeting room and a lack of quiet or privacy as two top barriers to workplace productivity. By providing beautiful private work and meeting spaces that clients can book as needed, Breather enables individuals and teams to reclaim their productive space and realize their full employee potential.

Maggie Burns is VP of real estate at Breather, which operates 180 spaces in 10 cities, concentrated in New York City and San Francisco. She tells us Breather primarily leases its office locations, and opened 80 spaces in 47 buildings in 2016. By leasing to Breather, more commercial real estate owners are able to offer a building amenity that addresses the needs of today’s workers.

Clients access Breather via a mobile app to reserve space. Breather also offers a corporate membership program that serves hundreds of companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Blue Apron.

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