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Spotlight: VVA Takes on the World

New York
Spotlight: VVA Takes on the World
Marc Chiapperino
VVA managing director Marc Chiapperino tells us that thanks to partnership with British company Sweet Group, VVA is reaching beyond its NYC/DC/Boston stomping grounds (more news soon). In New York, VVA has broken ground on the Singapore Mission building near the UN. And when a July fire destroyed part of 121 E 85th St (the Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun’s synagogue), VVA did an expansive rebuild. It's also nearing completion on Gibson Dunn’s 250k SF in the MetLife Building. Marc says VVA's five partners are holistic and hands on (four are engineers), not just selling the job and handing it off to staff. The only perception worth changing: that VVA is “law firm guys.” That’s actually only 25% of the firm's business. It does plenty more, including worldwide. For more info on our sponsor, click here.
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