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New York
Communications and media relations firm Rubenstein's founder Howard Rubenstein tells us that thanks to a changing media landscape, the number of ways for his clients to get their messages out has grown as large as Jeremy Lin's February point total.
Howard Rubenstein
Howard founded the firm—which serves big-name CRE clients, among others—58 years ago (just five years after the subway token was introduced). Lots has changed since then, including the two most significant: Al Gore's invention of the Internet and our invention ofBisnow (also, the Giants and Dodgers are in California). He says what his clients demand most now is advice on the best package of modern tools to reach customers, shareholders, tenants, elected officials, and the like. Howard won REBNY's Harry B. Helmsley Distinguished New Yorker Award this year, but he's got another reason to be pumped: Yankees position players join the pitchers and catchers at camp tomorrow. Howard (above, with a gift from the Steinbrenners) is an avid fan, and not just because the Yanks have been a Rubenstein client for more than three decades.