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Seattle Renaissance on Nov. 9, 2011
This is our first event in a brand-new market. Can you guess which city just by looking? Dark brown interior and frothy panelists talking market caps and chinos. In Seattle, 375 came to the Renaissance downtown on Tuesday for Bisnow’s first-ever State of the Market event in the Emerald City. Naturally, being a newcomer requires grinding down some shoe leather (of our ruby slippers) and drinking lots of coffee. Here are neat things we found.
Starbucks HQ, 2401 Utah Ave South, November 2011, Seattle
No market research would be complete without a visit to the Starbucks mother ship at 2401 Utah Ave South. Note the coffee giant’s fourth logo, rolled out this year in celebration of its 40th anniversary. The building looks like an old, redeveloped Searscatalog distribution center—because it is. The 2.1M SF edifice was built in 1915 and renovated in 2001 and is owned and managed by Nitze-Stagen, a local private investment firm. It received a $50Mrepair job following the Feb. 28, 2001, earthquake.
DRY Soda Co storefront, Seattle, November 2011
Seattle is full of entrepreneurial spirit: from Recreational Equipment Inc (REI), Starbucks, and Microsoft, to and Farmville creator Zynga. Above, we snapped this storefront for DRY Soda Co, founded by CEO Sharelle Klaus. It offers a less-sweet soda in eight flavors: wild lime, lavender, lemongrass, blood orange, rhubarb, juniper berry, vanilla bean, and cucumber. Worried about yourwaistline? The beverages range from 45 to 70 calories. Worried about lines in general (i.e., not standing in them)? Amazon.
is located there as well.