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Josh Boltuch, Brookyneer, SoHo, July 18, 2012
We braved Wednesday's Voldemort-spirited hail storm to have a few beers with's Josh Boltuch at the Brooklyneer (oddly located in SoHo). Josh tells us his boss, Riggs Kubiak, came up with the site idea while global sustainability head at Tishman Speyer: The best way to get owners to make green changes is to map out what other buildings (i.e. the competition) are doing. Josh says the site (a combo database, referral service, and social network) has detailed profiles for 250,000 NYC addresses and lists service providers (green or otherwise) to help owners and managers find the right fit for their next initiative. Like on Yelp, owners can also "claim" their profiles, as Tishman Speyer, Vornado, and Atco have done.