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Pat Breslin, 399 Park Ave., New York City, Oct. 28, 2011
Studley's launching an East Coast retail practice—helmed by former Grubb & Ellis retail prez Pat Breslin, whom we snapped in Studley's 399 Park Ave office—hoping to capture national business from the retailers it reps on the office side. Here's what Pat knew about real estate when he started: "Anybody I knew who had real estate had money." Pat's holding plenty of money in his hands right there: a ball commemorating the Steelers' first four Super Bowls and signed by none other than team founder Art Rooney. But Pat's not selling it anytime soon. It was a gift to his dad, legendary journalist Jimmy Breslin. Pat's game is and always has been retail tenant rep; he points out that it's less corporate than other CRE niches and allows him to deal with folks outside New York.
Pat Breslin at 399 Park Ave., New York City, Oct. 28, 2011
"To my good friend Jimmy Breslin. Good wishes to you and yours. You are a loyal old friend. Art Rooney." Pat tells us he was in Rooney's box during the Immaculate Reception, though we hear that Rooney himself was not: He missed the play en route from his box to field level.
Pat Breslin at 399 Park Ave., New York City, Oct. 28, 2011
Pat's connections do spread beyond football. Julien Studley was one of the first people he met in real estate, and it turns out Studley prez Michael Colacino was best friends with Pat's older sister Rosemary in elementary school. Pat also has become friends with his clients (attending funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs, and weddings) and specializes in repeat business. Sometimes the business comes to him: Feil Organization CEO Jeff Feil once bumped into Pat on Park Avenue. Remembering Pat as the rep for Journeys' lease at Herald Center, he offered Journeys the same terms for 590 Fifth Ave on the spot.
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