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How Overture Will Change Your Online Presence

New York
How Overture Will Change Your Online Presence


Overture is a storytelling company, says founder Jared Matthew Weiss, and the story its telling is yours. The online video service captures who you are and what you do in an appealing, black-and-white, 60 second video. (See what they can do here.) Consider it a virtual Hi, my name is. Share your link across social media, and embed it into your resume, email, and blog. Plus, Overture Ensemble creates a compelling video directory of your company staff, allowing clients, customers, and prospects to get to know your office in an intimate and inspiring way (like this). Its Duets program donates a free Overture to a needy student for every one purchased. Overtures own personal story already is becoming legend in the digital world. For more on our sponsor and to sample some more awesome videos, click here.