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New York
Barry Alton, John Picco, Paul Darrah, and Michel-Claude Fiechter at Top of the Rock Weather Room on Jan. 5, 2012
Looking like the Jersey Boys on Thursday at CoreNet's holiday party at Rockefeller Center, we snapped Jefferies & Co's Barry Alton, Cushman & Wakefield's John Picco, Bridgewater Associates' Paul Darrah, and TPG Architecture's Michel-Claude Fiechter. (John didn't talk about it, but we hear he repped Doral Bank in another lease at Cohen Brothers Realty's 623 Fifth Ave. The bank, which in August extended its lease on the 13th floor and expanded to the 14,500 SF 19th floor, has just expanded by another 9,500 SF.)
Alison Kwiatkowski, Steve Kaufman, Charlie Assenza, Brittany Wunsch, and Jason Aster at Top of the Rock Weather Room on Jan. 5, 2012
KBA Lease Services' Jason Aster (right, with DEGW's Alison Kwiatkowski, Counsel RB Capital's Steve Kaufman, IBM US real estate senior program manager Charlie Assenza, and JLL's Brittany Wunsch) tells us commercial tenants' monthly payments are not as cut and dried as you'd think. They're often based on rent and estimated operating costs, but many landlords send out r econciliation statements explaining the real costs in January, and tenants either get a credit or owe more. That's also a chance for lease auditors like KBA to identify charges that aren't in line with the lease (or lease language that doesn't quite achieve what it was meant to). And because leases put a limit on how long tenants have to object, well, January is Jason's busy month.
Shamus Barnes, Jim Molloy, Mindy Williams-McElearney, and Brian Rothschild at Top of the Rock Weather Room on Jan. 5, 2012
WorkSpaces' Mindy Williams-McElearney (with Shamus Barnes—president of The Advance Group's furniture installation unit, FITCO—Advance CEO Jim Molloy, and Envirochrome prez Brian Rothschild) tells us her newly hyphenated name, after 20 years in the industry, makes for a difficult rebranding effort.
Rockefeller Center on Jan. 5, 2012
The party was in the Weather Room at the Top of the Rock, which is so high our camera was incapable of getting it and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in one shot.