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New York
Francesca Bucci and Hans Galutera at InterContinental Hotel Times Square West 44th Street on March 12, 2012
It's been 10 years since Francesca Bucci and Hans Galutera struck out on their own as ocean liner interior designers, and we were there to celebrate their milestone at the InterContinental Times Square on West 44th Street. Think developing and designing a restaurant or penthouse suite is hard? Try doing it for a floating city. Hans, who is also president-elect for the NYC chapter of the International Interior Design Association, tells us maritime design is 10 times more difficult: In addition to maximizing square inches, there are structural, engineering, and mechanical restrictions, not to mention material considerations (humidity and salt air) and, on top of all of it, making the place look spiffy—these are top-of-the-line revenue-producing properties, after all. One thing we bet you never thought of: Hans says cruise ships can't have aquariums because the fish get seasick. Who knew?
Manhattan on March 12, 2012
Speaking of penthouses, here's the view from the InterContinental penthouse suite at dusk. Sometimes we think we just love this city too much. Nah... not possible. One interesting fact that party guest Bill Miller (also known as Mr. Ocean Liner) shared: Subtract 40 from the Hudson River pier numbers to get the equivalent street numbers. Now we understand why we play football at Pier 40 at Houston.